LHF funding helps people working and homeless

London Housing Foundation has awarded HOPE worldwide £12,000 to help people who are working with Rent Deposits

For people on low incomes in London, it is hard to survive and even harder to save for the deposit needed to move into property of their own. We are very grateful for this funding because it means that we can help single people who are homeless by paying their deposit, so that they can be housed in the private rented sector. This also then frees up a bed in a hostel or night shelter for someone else who is sleeping on the streets.

Ibrahim was in temporary accommodation and needed to move on, but this was proving tough as he was on a low income. He said: “With all of my savings depleted, and the end of a year-long tenancy agreement drawing closer, desperation and fear of becoming destitute again crept in. HOPE worldwide (working with GrowTH Housing) made it possible for me to safely move into my new humble abode. The team at HOPE worldwide was conscientious in helping me step in the right direction, from the financial support, the advice and to the efficiency of their communications with landlords on my behalf. I could not have done it on my own and I am deeply grateful”

Ian Brady, Executive Chairman of the LHF said: “This is exactly the kind of project that we want to support. By helping people break out of a cycle of low income and homelessness HOPE worldwide not only help them, but help others who need their hostel space.”